Targetted, Focused Support

Who We Are

Vaughan Govier is a partnership of experienced professionals dedicated to helping managers achieve more for their organizations and themselves.
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What We Do

Vaughan Govier is committed to creating high performing organisations through stronger and more effective management.
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Our Engagements

We work with organisations through organisational coaching, executive coaching and management development engagements.
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You need solutions that are specific to your context. And at Vaughan Govier, we help you create those very solutions. Our approach is systemic and end-to-end - and results in a higher sustained level of management performance throughout your organisation. Every individual in your organisation becomes stronger and more capable.

Like every other, your organisation faces challenges in the areas of your 5 key resources - you the manager, your people, your financial resources, your customer relationships and your strategy. In facing up to challenges, these 5 resources will be impacted and must therefore be part of any solution.

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