How We Work

You are an integral part of the Organisational Coaching process. Organisational Coaching with Vaughan Govier is a structured measurable process. This process has four steps:

Research → Insight → Design → Action


What is going on?

We need facts, data and evidence. Research is the essential groundwork for understanding your environment. We use quantitative data, structured observations and statistical information for analysis.

We are people and organisation experts. Expect deeper observations and meaningful data. We are trained to look beyond what is done and said; we see what is not done and not said.

You will be part of the process and will see that same picture we see as the data is gathered and collated. We share all the results with you. After all, it’s your organisation.

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I get it now

Gathering data is easy, deriving meaning is harder. Working out what it all means for your organisation is a higher level altogether. It is more than just giving information. We are committed to delivering insights that result in action. The “ah-ha”, when you can sincerely say, “I get it now”.

More than any other phase, Acumen is when we work closely with you to understand and interpret the information.

In the discernment phase, we work in partnership with the management of the organisation to interpret the data and synthesise it’s impact in the organisation’s context.

This innate understanding will help you respond and make a difference to your organisation.


I know what to do.

Excellent design is wonderful and inspiring. A simple, elegant solution to a problem that leaves you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Next to empowering through coaching, this is our passion. We are driven to find that unique, simple, perhaps obvious design to your organisational challenge.

We are designing in a highly complex environment, full of competing agendas, limited resources and uncertainty. We love it!

The Design phase we are obsessed with topics such as productivity, performance and results. Simplifying how you work, clarifying the flow of communication, prioritising tasks and aligning effort across the organisation. A guide that let’s your staff know what, how and when.

We work with the management to develop a set of priorities and plans to change the organisation while minimising the impact on the existing operations. The outcome may be a new customer journey, workflow, development programme or decision framework.

When the stage is set successfully, the action can begin.


Let’s get it done!

The best insights, the best ideas, the best strategies have no value until they are active and being used inside your organisation. At Vaughan Govier we are not focused on the idea, we are focused on the results. A balanced organisation only has enough resources to serve its customers.

We provide the additional resources to help you get it done. From project management to change management to internal communication. Whatever you need, we will partner with you and your team to ensure results.

Together, we will get into the day to day details - working through each objective, be it simple or complex. Look to us to help with training, facilitation, process engineering, internal communications or management expertise.

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