About Us

About Us

Sometimes you just want to get it done.

Your organisation can do more. You know it can meet everything you expect. You need to keep things moving. You need to get more out of your staff. You need them to expand the business.

You are an expert in your business or profession. You know that growing an organisation is a speciality of its own. Add an organisational expert to your team. Someone who can give you specific insight and precise action. Someone who can make a difference.

Vaughan (pronounced as “vawn”, rhymes with “dawn”) Govier is an organisational development company. We combine rigorous organisational engagements with a passion for coaching. We are known to create deep insight and change through the power of awareness for the individual, manager and organisational-wide.

Change. Change only happens when awareness meets insight. Insight is when you can sincerely say, “I get it now… I know what to do.”. Action happens when you say, “Let’s get it done!”.

We will join you to get things moving.

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Vaughan Govier was founded in 2007, head-quartered in Singapore and we work throughout Asia.