Design Your Organisation

Often people make the concept of organisational development too hard. If you:

  • have the desire to see your organisation evolve and grow;
  • know your people play a huge influence on how your organisation transforms; and
  • want to improve the collaboration between processes and people,

You are ready for organisational development. You are ready to make your organisation more effective.

Vaughan Govier are organisation and people experts. We effect change to create the best environment to optimise your staff and organisation performance. Using our Vaughan Govier’s Organisation Development Approach of Research -> Insight -> Design -> Action framework, we partner our clients to create practical intent and plans to achieve organisational goals.

We do not, however, make that change for you. It has to come from you, be done by you, through you. It is your organisation; we are here to support you as you implement strong decisions during that transition.

organisation change


Your organisation is at the cusp of growth. Growth will stretch your team. It will mean redefining current processes. It will mean embracing changes. Is your organisation ready?

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Organisational Strength and Health


How often does your organisation go through a regular health check? Like a person, an organisation must be healthy to achieve more and move faster.

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Vaughan Govier’s Assessment Experience can help you secure a more successful future. You can keep your eyes on having the right people for the right roles, and not stress over the process of optimal selection.

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