People matter. It’s part of our philosophy. Organisations that care about people make a difference. We are proud to work with a group of organisations that take this one step further. Caring is their mission. They build hope and offer support to the needy and disadvantaged. They remind us that all people matter.


When the new CEO of the former Centre for Enabled Living (CEL) joined in 2011, he faced an organisation transitioning from its startup phase. The organisation was under stress, staff were disengaged and staff turnover was at an all time high of 50%. 

Where do you start? Through an Organisational Review and Organisational Engagement Survey, we dug into the issues and worked out what was happening. Using the findings, the centre restructured, expanded and invested more in key training.

Within a year, the centre had stabilised and much lower staff turnover. We checked anyway. A follow-up engagement survey indicated that the employees were now happier in their workplace.

CEL was restructured into two organisations. One was integrated into AIC and the other became SG Enable.

Everything an organisation does is based on its purpose. We call this the organisation's Leadership Intent. So when Community Foundation of Singapore was ready to renew its brand, the starting place was to clarify its Leadership Intent.

Through a series of workshops with the board and management, we uncovered what they wanted to achieve, who they wanted to impact and how they wanted to make a difference. We -- with the management and board -- clarified their purpose and proposition. What emerged was a sharpened new identity, greater ownership from the board and stakeholders. This was only the starting point but now they had a unified direction.

If you want to be involved in philanthropy, give them a call. They can open your mind to a number of options that you may never have considered.