There’s no way around it. Organisations succeed with a high performing leadership team. A single leader can make some difference but strong leaders have strong teams. Your senior leadership team is at the heart of your organisation’s ability to drive results. Senior team development is vital.

The Outcomes

Teams in the world of sports and music take decades to hone their craft and master teamwork. VG’s Board and Senior Team Development program accelerates this process for you. This program focuses on coaching the senior team to be a team. We focus on senior team development areas that will give the greatest return for your business, which includes:

  • Supporting newly formed senior teams
  • Reviewing and aligning the top team’s strategic direction and priorities
  • Addressing new challenges from competition or the business environment
  • Resolving conflicts between individuals and within the team
  • Helping senior teams adapt to rapid growth and changes
  • Establishing stronger leadership capabilities and impact
  • Rejuvenating senior teams

Target Teams

High performing teams are plugged in. They feel empowered to make an impact whilst creating positive experiences for the team and staff. Low performing teams work in silos and feel disengaged from the team’s purpose.

This customised in-house program is designed for teams who want to transform their business together as a high performing team. Teams which VG work with for senior team development are:

  • The Executive Board
  • C-suite Teams
  • Global/Regional Executive Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Teams of Functional Heads
  • Global/Regional Team Heads

Our Approach

VG coaches specific team competencies for deep and powerful conversations as a team. Effective team conversations lead to collaborative consensus, good decisions, feedback that improves, resolved conflicts and deep thinking. We support your senior team’s development journey to becoming more high performing through a customised and multi-faceted process, which includes:

  • Team effectiveness online surveys
  • High quality feedback and process
  • C-suite and senior team development and alignment meetings
  • Insightful analysis of context
  • Team facilitation and leadership training workshops
  • Team effectiveness skills building
  • Infographic team charter
  • Team or individual coaching