Change Champions are essential in helping build the right mindset, skills and momentum during changes in the organisations. Having a dedicated team of Change Champions can contribute to change project success.

Organisations manage change constantly, but what makes change work? In a study conducted by IBM called Making Change Work, organisations that outperforms are capable of changing quickly and successfully. In a list identified as key barriers to change, successful organisations are adept in managing the top few barriers - all of which are people oriented.

Turns out people oriented factors are hardest to get right.

Change Champions play the crucial role in managing people oriented factors. They help align communication and clarify the complexities of change. Having them at different levels and functions help cascade the different messages needed for change. They also help inspire the varied stakeholders to act.

The Outcomes

VG’s Change Champions Development program will help you build the needed communication and influencing skills in your change management teams. The program will:

  • Build change management capacity in the organization.
  • Equip Change Champions for the role they need to play to implement change or innovation project.
  • Align Change Champions with the organisational’s goal and strategy for change.
  • Establish ownership and build in each participant a sense of personal responsibility for change.

Our Approach

  • Provide participants with practical tools to create and manage change.
  • Develop soft skills for managing change, facilitating workshops, and coaching different types of stakeholders.
  • Customise a change management toolbox for your organisation.
  • Provide them with an opportunity to practice using their toolbox and role plays to build confidence.

Target Participants

This change management development program is for in-house change agents, change champions, brand champions or innovation champions. It is also for selected employees from each branch or department, who will implement the change in their own areas.