Have you received the feedback that you “need to be more strategic”? If your job requires you to be less reactive and be strategic thinking - are you ready?

Many executives link strategic thinking with “having the big picture” or “a long-term perspective”. Some executives even believe you can learn strategy by reading trends and creating disruptive innovations. How can we think and implement strategies when we do not know what is strategic thinking?

Robust strategic thinking does not have to be an abstract mystery only for a selected few. Vaughan Govier’s Strategic Thinking and Action workshop is a strategy appreciation program. It leads executives in large firms to gain a deeper understanding of their company’s strategy so that they can be more effective in implementation.

The Outcomes

Strategic Thinking and Action Program is highly interactive, demanding and practical. Yet it allows participants to appreciate strategy like fine wine. This program will:

  • Open you to new mindsets for better business outcomes.
  • Show how the strategic process works.
  • Help you recognise the strategic processes in your own organisation.
  • Develop in you a strategic viewpoint with tools and techniques.
  • Show the attributes of strategic excellence.
  • Link your organisation’s strategies to your own day‐to‐day work.
  • Challenge you to align the actions in your own area of responsibility to your company’s strategy.

The Approach

Companies can build the capacities needed for strategic leadership. It starts with recognizing that your organization has emerging leaders whose strategic qualities are being overlooked or untapped. VG can help you close those gaps and build their strategic thinking capabilities.

Strategic Thinking and Action is presented in a collaborative atmosphere. You will be challenged and stimulated to learn through:

  • Analysing a detailed strategic case study of a prominent organisation.
  • Learning eight strategic frameworks and approaches.
  • Understanding the seven strategic mindsets of effective strategists.
  • Interpreting and analysing your own organisation’s strategy.
  • Developing your own action plan and presenting to your senior management*.

*We encourage senior management to be involved in the final presentation. It exposes participants to the views of senior management and supports their imperative for action.