In today’s fast changing environment, we face problems which are increasingly more complex and multi-faceted. Businesses and interpersonal relationships fail because of poor problem solving. This is often due to either problems not being clearly understood; or are not dealt with systematically.

Imagine more efficiency, greater productivity, better team effectiveness and improving customer satisfaction by developing your problem solving skills.

Problem solving mastery for leaders at all levels is crucial to growth and sustained performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the levels of problem solving in an organisation
  • Transform your mindset to think beyond the needs of the present moment
  • Deepen your understanding into the core of any problem
  • Increase your confidence in implementing new ideas
  • Follow a systematic yet measurable approach to the problem solving process
  • Develop creative and solutions focused approach
  • Stimulate innovation and collaboration with organisational stakeholders

Our Approach

Participants will be encouraged to Turn up with a Problem and Generate the Solution. Using a gaming approach, participants will play a business game to learn and explore multiple problem solving techniques.

Using VG’s coaching technique, we encourage participants to reflect on and understand their own problem solving beliefs. In turn, participants will learn to identify a solution and set an action plan to solve the problem they have turned up with.

Target Participants

Transformational Problem Solving workshop is relevant for mid-level managers or executives who are from all functions within the company. It is designed for all ‘people managers or executives’. It is ideal for participants, who through the course of their work or project management, need to solve complex problems with different teams, people and organisational levels.